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How it works

K9 makes it easy and affordable to get your own dog grooming business up and running. Here’s how it works.


Choose your salon

Once you’ve decided to start your own dog grooming business, the first step is deciding on the kind of vehicle you want to lease. You can choose from vans, trailers or refurbished trailers available at a range of affordable prices.

All salons come with the following standard inclusions:

  • Twin tank auto fill Savel Hydrobath
  • Electric Savel table
  • Cabinetry, Shelving and Storage
  • Hose washable
  • Air Conditioning
  • Dryer - with remote switching to your work area

Vans and trailers need to be plugged into an electrical outlet for operation. Trailers require a towbar. We also offer off-grid vans equipped with rechargeable lithium batteries.

Sign your lease

After you’ve decided which salon is right for you, we will send you the lease contract details for you to review and sign. The only money you will need to pay upfront is your vehicle deposit to secure your choice. This amount will depend on the salon you choose.

Your lease agreement will also outline your insurance payment requirements with our broker. Once your paperwork is completed, you can look forward to getting your vehicle. Your lease payments are payable a month in advance every month. These will start as soon as you collect or receive the vehicle.

Lease to buy options are available with our trailer salons, so your repayments will eventually allow you to own the vehicle outright.


Get your vehicle

Your K9 grooming van or trailer will be ready for you on a specified date. As soon as it is available, you can collect it from our depot in Laverton North, Victoria. We can deliver it to you in Greater Melbourne or arrange transport to a capital city depot for you to collect. The vehicle will be ready to go. Just add water!


If you want to add a business logo and details to your van or trailer, you certainly can.  Any signwriting will need to be removed prior to returning the salon but you are free to brand it as you wish.

Equipment & Tools

If you’re looking to purchase extra equipment for your business, we can help you there too! If you need clippers sharpened or tools maintained and repaired, just ask us. We can link you to these services or advise you on leading products and ideas.


If you want to learn the tricks of the dog grooming trade before you set out on your new business journey, we can recommend training courses to make you a pooch pampering expert.